Frequently asked questions

Where do you ship?
We deliver worldwide with free shipping!
How many packages will I receive?
Depending on your choice of plan, you may receive only 1 package per month or up to 9 packages per month. We might be changing this in the future so you can precisely say how many items you wish to receive.
How do I choose which type of items I get?
After signing up, you may choose up to five categories in your account settings.
When do I receive my packages?
Please allow up to a month of shipping time. If you're dying of anticipation, email us and we send you the tracking code(s) 😉
Once your subscription is rolling, you'll receive a steady supply of packages each month.
How can I keep in touch?
You can keep up to date with us by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Twitter!

Do you have another question not answered here? Ask us anything:!