About us

We love receiving packages! An initially silly idea was brought to life and you can now shower in packages, too! This site was in part inspired by a relevant XKCD comic (there always is one). But we promise not to send you any live bobcats!

How it works

To sign up, choose how many packages you want to receive each month. Then, enter your complete shipping address and complete it with your payment information. Don't worry, your credit card details are stored securely with Stripe!

After signing up, you may choose your prefered item categories to limit what you get delivered. Our products range from alluring aloe vera gels over geeky gadgets to weird wigs, It could be anything!

SurprisePackage.me is a small Swiss startup created by Julian Wachholz in 2017. This project is still in its early stages so the road might be a little rough, so bear with us!

Please send any thoughts and questions to hello@surprisepackage.me.

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